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Spindle and Bow

Spindle and Bow, the first work of fiction from Bevis Longstreth, tells a story of love, adventure and the transcendent power of art at the dawning of civilization.

"Longstreth writes with the exquisite detail of a craftsman and jeweler. His warm affection for Rachel calls to mind Pygmalion and Galatea. Spindle and Bow is a sensual feast."

—Bob Kerrey, President, The New School

Return of the Shade

Return of the Shade puts us behind the royal screen to witness up close what absolute power combined with pride, ambition, and sibling rivalry wrought within the Achaemenid family of great Persian kings, and across their now forgotten Empire—at the time the greatest on earth.

"A deeply felt, dramatic, eminently readable re-creation of life in a royal court of ancient Persia. Longstreth's ambitious, ruthless and yet paradoxically appealing heroine deserves a place in the annals of feminism."

—Marie Winn, author of Central Park in the Dark