The dawn of civilization.
The ancient Persian Empire.
The Great Depression.

Great eras of the past brought compellingly to life.

Through the pen of Bevis Longstreth, readers visit remarkable places and times from history. Not the impersonal history of textbooks and tomes, but the intimate history of individual characters—people, both mighty and low. We discover them through their toils, their lives, their loves: making the characters, their stories, and the storied times in which they lived, truly unforgettable.


Boats Against the Current

In luminous prose, Boats Against the Current charts the struggles of six unforgettable lives braided together in the Great Depression, with FDR's New Deal and its Works Progress Administration serving as armature for the story.


Return of the Shade

Return of the Shade puts us behind the royal screen to witness up close what absolute power combined with pride, ambition, and sibling rivalry wrought within the Achaemenid family of great Persian kings, and across their now forgotten Empire—at the time the greatest on earth.


Spindle and Bow

Set in the 5th century BC, this human drama spans some 3,000 miles. Spindle and Bow tells a story of love, adventure and the transcendent power of art at the dawning of civilization.


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