"Fearless as ever, Bevis Longstreth has now tackled one of the most complex subjects in contemporary life. This is his strongest novel yet." —Frances Taliaferro, Book Critic and Retired Teacher, Brearley School

Announcing Out of the Whirlwind, the latest novel from Bevis Longstreth.

Out of the Whirlwind is the story of a young man coming of age in the 1950’s in the New York metropolitan area. He struggles with growing ambiguities about sexual identity and the stern, unyielding expectations of a dominant father. These influences are braided together to form an apparent life of brilliance at law school, a clerkship for a Justice of the Supreme Court and practice at a prominent New York City law firm.

"The novel asks not only where we belong, but where we want to belong, and at its heart is the story of an aspirational father, the son who wants to please him, and the power they each hold over the other." —Karen Shepard, author of, most recently, Kiss Me Sometime
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"In prose as polished as the surface of the life portrayed here, Longstreth sketches a moving portrait of a man wholly of his mid-century era. A white, Ivy-league trained lawyer living what appears to be a charmed life, with wife and child, on the upper East side of Manhattan—who is in reality tormented, hiding his homosexual longings in a closet of privilege. Longstreth elegantly captures the poignancy of a short-lived personal triumph, when Adam Zopher Hudson finally breaks out, falls in love and builds a new life with a man—cut tragically short by AIDS" —Dominique Browning
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